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After an opening sequence in which Bejo, a self made Jakarta gang lord executes Rama's brother Andi. Rama then meets Bunawar. After sending Rama's fellow survivor Bowo to receive medical attention and executing Wahyu, Bunawar invites Rama to join a clandestine anti-corruption task force which seeks to expose police commissioner Reza's backroom dealings with the Bangun and Goto gangs. While Rama initially declines, he agreed to join them after learning of his brother's murder by Bejo and the imminent threat to his family.
Rama assaults the son of a politician who opposed Bangun's criminal family, earning imprisonment with Bangun's son Uco. Rama, under the alias "Yuda", saves the mobster's life during a prison riot. Bangun subsequently hires Yuda when the latter's prison sentence ends. As Yuda proves his value to the organization and earns the family's trust, rifts grow between him and the unreliable Bunawar. Meanwhile, Uco grows increasingly discontented with his father's lack of faith in his abilities and placidity towards the Japanese, desiring to take on a larger role in the mob's operations.
Bejo invites Uco to dinner, sharing rumors of a Japanese plot to turn Reza against the Bangun family and allowing Uco to personally kill the prison assailants. Uco subsequently hatches a plot with Bejo to start a gang war that would destroy the Japanese, letting Uco prove himself to his father while Bejo profits from the chaos. The pair use Bejo's personal assassins to frame the Japanese for killing Bangun's loyal henchman Prakoso and falsify a harsh retaliation by Bangun. When the families meet to reconcile, Bangun takes an apologetic stance that causes Uco to lash out against his father. Meanwhile, Reza's corrupt cops attack Yuda in reprisal, leaving him incapacitated as Bangun harshly beats Uco for his disobedience.
Bangun's adviser Eka calls for "Yuda" to rescue Uco from Bangun's office. While Yuda is in transit, Bejo, the Assassin, and Bejo's henchmen appear in the office. Uco kills his father and shoots Eka in the leg. Before Uco can finish the enforcer off, Yuda arrives, stalling Bejo's men to cover Eka's escape. After the Assassin subdues Yuda, Bejo commands his men to kill him offsite.
Goto, hearing of Bangun's death and Reza's betrayal, declares war upon both Bejo's gang and Reza's corrupt policemen. After rescuing Rama, an injured Eka drives him to an abandoned slum, revealing that he knows of Rama's true identity and was also an undercover officer. Before leaving the vehicle to Rama, Eka directs him to "put them all down". Rama calls Bunawar, learning of the gang war's ignition. Frustrated by Bunawar's claims that Eka betrayed the police, Rama learns that Reza, his true target, is currently meeting with Bejo and Uco at the restaurant. After extracting a promise to keep his family safe, Rama breaches Bejo's restaurant warehouse and eliminates his men, setting off to neutralize Bejo, Reza, and Uco and end both the war and the corruption.
While Uco and Bejo meet with Reza to discuss their terms, Uco discovers a bug Rama had previously planted in his wallet; he later notices that Bejo bears similar tattoos to the men who attacked him in prison. Upon realizing that Bejo originally tried to kill him to spark the war, Uco suspects Bejo and Reza of colluding against him. Meanwhile, Rama disposes of Bejo's personal retinue of killers — Hammer Girl, Baseball Bat Man, and the Assassin — before disrupting the meeting. As Bejo attempts to eliminate Rama, Uco shoots and kills Reza and Bejo before dying at Rama's hands. As an injured Rama slowly proceeds to the exit of the warehouse, he encounters Goto's gang, led by Keiichi. A silent dialogue takes place between the two as Bunawar learns of the night's events, with Keiichi giving Rama an approving smirk. The dialogue ends with Rama simply stating, "No...I'm done".

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