Friday, March 21, 2014

Download War of the Arrows

The film begins with two children Nam-yi and Ja-in being chased by King Injo's guards and saved by their father Choi Pyeong-ryung, an officer of King Gwanghae and a skilled archer. He sends his own children to find a place of refuge with his best friend Kim Mu-seon. As they escape crying, Ja-in begs her brother to go back to their father but their father is killed in front of Nam-yi. Nam-yi, though bitten by the guard dogs, kills them and escapes with Ja-in. Nam-yi becomes the only family Ja-in has. 13 years later Nam-yi (Park Hae-il) is now a skilled archer and hunter. He learns from Mu-seon's son Seo-goon (Kim Mu-yeol) that he and Ja-in (Moon Chae-won) plan to get married, with the approval of Mu-seon who is also Ja-in's godfather.

During the wedding, Nam-yi is up in the mountains hunting deer. He hears the rumble of the invading forces. When Nam-yi makes it back to the village, he finds his step-father slaughtered and his sister taken away. Nam-yi then sets out to find the Qing army and take out their army with his bow, killing a great many of them, including the prince. The great commander of the Qing army, Jyuushinta (Ryu Seung-ryong) discovers the mysterious man trailing his men and taking them out one by one. Jyuushinta then sets out to find Nam-yi. Though Nam-yi is shot in the arm, he shoots back at Jyuushinta and one of his men who both fall. Nam-yi rides away to find Ja-in as he thinks that Jyuushinta is dead - but he isn't. Meanwhile Nam-yi finds Ja-in in a field. They are about to reunite when Ja-in sees Jyuushinta aiming at Nam-yi from a cliff. But before the arrow hits, Ja-in shoots the horse and Nam-yi falls. As Nam-yi and Jyuushinta face off, Ja-in runs in between them. Nam-yi's arrow barely touches Ja-in's dress, but Jyuushinta's finds its mark. Despite Ja-in's protests, Nam-yi pulls it out and shoots Jyuushinta who falls to the ground, finally killed. Nam-yi falls down as well but Ja-in catches him in her lap. Nam-yi says that they should go back to their old home in Seoul. His eyelids then flutter and close—forever. Then Ja-in lays Nam-yi into a boat and she and Seo-goon set sail for Seoul, just as Nam-yi requested.

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