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Frank Martin and Inspector Tarconi are spending the day fishing in Marseilles when Tarconi receives a call from police about a black Audi A8 speeding past French customs. Tarconi then takes the boat back to assure the police that Frank is not behind the car chase. Meanwhile, in Odessa, Ukraine, Environmental Agency Minister Leonid Tomilenko receives a threat from Ecocorp boss Johnson that his daughter Valentina's life is at stake if he does not approve clearance for Ecocorp to ship toxic chemicals into the country within 24 hours. Later that night, the Audi suddenly crashes into Frank's home, with a wounded transporter named Malcolm Manvill behind the wheel. Malcolm had taken a delivery job from Johnson that Frank had previously declined. As paramedics quickly move Malcolm into the ambulance, Frank discovers a drugged Valentina in the backseat of the Audi. She warns him not to take her out of the car when he notices that both her and Malcolm are wearing metal bracelets on their wrists. Frank rushes to stop the ambulance from leaving, but it explodes. Before he can piece together the situation, he is knocked out by an unknown assailant.

Frank wakes up in an empty room, discovering that Johnson has clamped a metal bracelet on his wrist. He is ordered by Johnson to do a delivery job with Valentina and is warned that if he walks 75 feet away from his Audi A8 6.0 W12, the bracelet will explode and kill him. On their way to Budapest, Frank deviates from the course and heads to a garage in Germany to see if his friend Otto can remove the bracelet. While Frank fends off Johnson's men, Otto discovers the transmitter inside the Audi, but he cannot disarm it without the risk of blowing up the car. Upon their arrival in Budapest, Frank picks up a call from Johnson on a public phone when one of Johnson's men steals the Audi, resulting in Frank chasing for his life across town until he manages to reach the car and continue their journey to Bucharest. Frank and Valentina are then chased by a black Mercedes-Benz E-Class driven by hitmen hired by Tomilenko; the chase ends when Frank sends the assailants' car off a cliff. After the ordeal, Frank realizes that Valentina is the package that is to be delivered to the final destination. Valentina explains to Frank that she was in Ibiza when she was drugged by Johnson's men and transported by Malcolm, who allowed her to call her father before being chased off by a black Hummer H1 and eventually crashing into Frank's home.

Upon re-establishing Frank's location, Johnson orders him to travel to Odessa, where they are surrounded on a bridge by Johnson and his men. Valentina approaches Johnson, who removes her bracelet before ordering his men to gun down Frank. Frank drives the Audi off the bridge and sinks into the lake below. As Johnson and his men drive off to the nearest train station, Frank informs Tarconi of his location before he uses a floatation device to raise his Audi back to shore. Aboard the train, Valentina calls her father, telling him not to sign the contracts, but Johnson tells him he has 15 minutes to fulfill the deal. After Tarconi and some Ukrainian police officers help get the Audi back in running condition, Frank continues his chase and jumps the car on the train. He takes out Johnson's men and obtains the bracelet key from Johnson, unlocking it and placing it on Johnson's wrist while setting the Audi on reverse. Johnson explodes when the Audi exits the train car. Upon hearing from Tarconi that Valentina is safe, Tomilenko tears up the Ecocorp contracts before heading for his business conference, and the cargo ships are raided by police and sent away from Ukrainian shores.

Frank and Tarconi return to fishing in Marseilles, but Valentina suggests for them to go out to dinner instead.

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